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My Hot Yoga is built around you.  Our students.  Our classes and programs are designed to help you live a better life!  Get started! We know you'll love it here. 

$20 for Unlimited Yoga for 14 Days


Love My Hot Yoga! My favorite hot yoga studio! Always friendly and inviting!

Dawn Rousseau

Unique Atmosphere

I honestly do not feel that this studio is given enough credit in terms of developing great yogis in our great yoga community. The owners are lovely and kind, the instruction is challenging, gentle, and unique, and the atmosphere is easy and comfortable. If you like hot yoga, or not, I would suggest everyone take a class heated or room temp.

Rod Buckner

I was hooked

I was nervous about the hot part in hot yoga, but after my first class I was hooked. I look forward to class all week!

Heather Spoon

There to make you better

Started at the beginning of summer, welcomed with open arms, def. Expanded my practice, and love the deep stretch class (made several of my baseball athletes try it and they loved it too!) Truly there to make you better!

Justin Snider


This is the only studio I have been to and don't really desire changing. The staff is welcoming, encouraging and helpful!

Beverly Linn

Hidden Gem

Truly a hidden gem. The diversity of yoga disciplines and teachers are truly amazing. Once you meet the owners Amanda and Alicia you will immediately understand what having an open heart and open mind means. Definitely the most friendly, welcoming and unpretentious group of yogis. Very strong sense of community that makes you feel like you are coming home.

Cheryl Hemmert

The Place To Be

The studio is clean, the instructors are amazing and the owners treat you like family. My Hot Yoga is the place to practice. They even have non-Heated classes!!

Kellie Tinnon
kelly schrader
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