Hot Yoga Teacher Training

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Program Requirements


Trainees are required to attend 3 classes throughout the training weekend at My Hot Yoga. You will be allowed 45 minutes after classes toshower and grab a snack if you need before training sessions begin.  Please use your time wisely, and be considerate of your classmates andteachers time. Tardiness is frowned upon, except for family emergencies and illness.

You must commit to attend all program sessions and complete all homework assignments. If there are attendance conflicts, the training session will have to be made up the following round of teacher training,pushing your graduation date back a year from the date of the missed weekend.​


You will be required to teach 3 community classes at My Hot Yoga. These will be both heated and non-heated classes. You will be paired with a fellow teacher trainer, each teaching a 30 minute segment of the class.  These classes will be free and open to the public as the students will be asked to give you feedback about your teaching.


Trainees will be required to perform Karma Yoga during their weekend training modules. Students will be chosen out of a hat to help with cleaning duties after classes. These same students will also get to learn how to greet and check in students attending classes.



There is a $500 deposit to be submitted with your application. If you’re accepted to the program, the deposit is applied towards your tuition payment. If you’re not accepted, your deposit is returned LESS a $75.00 administrative fee.






RYT-200  Payment Plans

Please Contact the Studio

Tuition may not be REASSIGNED.  There are NO REFUNDS.


Friday Sessions:

Attend 5:30 Public Class - Meet afterwards until 9:30 PM

Saturday Sessions:

8:00 AM - Lecture

9:00 AM - Public Class Attendance

Lunch Break

12:00-3:00 PM Meeting

Dinner Break

4:00-8:00 PM Meeting

Sunday Sessions:

8:00 AM Class Attendance, Bring Your Lunch

9:45 AM - 5:00 PM Lecture and Practicum


September 8-10

October: 7-9

November: 10-12

December 8-10

January 12-14th 2018

February 9-11

March 23-25

April 10-22

May 18-20​

General Policies

All teacher training sessions take place at My Hot Yoga Times, not dates, are tentative and subject to changed based on the weekend.

Tuition investment covers all teacher training sessions at My Hot Yoga, 27 classes at My Hot Yoga during the duration of the program as well as 9 workshops.  Your teacher training binder is included.  It does not include classes at other studios, additional classes at My Hot Yoga or required books or electronic downloads. 

Required Workshops do not have a makeup policy.  You must attend. ​

Yoga Alliance Registration and Certification

At the end of the My Hot Yoga Teacher Training, you will have completed 200 hours of training with an ERYT-200 Teacher Trainer, Kelly Schrader.  You will be able to register with the Yoga Alliance as a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) upon completion of the Teacher Training Program.​

Required Materials

Refund Policy

No Refunds or Reassignment are permitted or provided. 

Teacher Training Makeup Policy

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